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Data sharing | COPE workshop, February 2021 (Volume 9, Issue 2)

We begin this issue with a warm welcome to our new Council Members. They are: Sarah Eaton, Kim Eggleton, Paul Graham Fisher, Stephanie Kinnan and Siri Lunde Strømme. They individually and collectively bring diverse strengths and interdisciplinary expertise to COPE’s Council. Welcome on board!

In this issue, read our strategic report which gives an update of activities undertaken in 2020 towards our 3 year strategic plan. The topic of the month is data sharing with resources from COPE, and anticipating more guidance from COPE's collaboration with the newly formed FORCE11 Research Data Publishing Ethics Working Group. Register for our authorship workshop on February 24 and the next quarterly COPE Forum on 23 March with discussion topic on publication ethics and books.

Read February Digest: data sharing