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COPE Digest: Predatory publishing, November 2020 (Volume 8, Issue 11)

We look back at our Predatory Publishing discussion document, a year after its publication, to consider whether developments in attitudes or approaches have changed on this topic. Deborah Poff, COPE Chair, brings to our attention organisations who have raised awareness of an provided frameworks to enable editors and researchers understand more about predatory publishers and how to avoid them. We're keen to hear from you on any developments on predatory publishing in your field and any new initiatives we can share with our readers.

Our Forum discussion topic in December continues the theme with ‘Predatory publishing: next steps and where do we go from here?’.

Trevor Lane, COPE Council member, expands on a case that was brought to the Forum earlier this year with further analysis of this and similar issues. The case 'How to respond to a reader's repeated concerns' asks the question of what the duty is to an author's reputation when repeated concerns are raised by a reader, and how a journal can respond to unreasonable requests for retraction of an article.

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