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COPE Digest: Editing reviewer comments | New cases (Volume 8, Issue 6)

"We want to play an active role in increasing diversity in scholarship, peer review, and publishing. There is much, much more to do."

Read our June newsletter in which Nancy Chescheir & Caroline Porter, COPE Trustees, acknowledge the work that is needed to increase diversity in scholarship, peer review and publishing, and reiterate COPE's commitment to improve equality and diversity in our areas of influence. They also bring together COPE's recent work on whether it is acceptable to edit reviewer comments including the Forum discussion with members and the survey shared with members and non-members.

The new cases discussed at our June Forum and the discussion topic 'What does peer review mean in the arts, humanities, and social sciences' are shared in Digest.

Our case discussion this month is around the case 'Low-risk study with no ethics committee approval' sharing the advice given by the COPE Forum, adding to the discussion with further analysis and links to guidance relevant to all disciplines.

We also invite members to join us for our August webinar on Text Recycling when we will hear from Cary Moskovitz and members of the team who are running the Text Recycling Research Project.

Read June Digest: Editing reviewer comments | New cases