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2020 in review | top cases

We take a look back over the year and see what implications COVID-19 has had for the COPE community and publication ethics. We also look at the top five cases viewed on our website which include 3 authorship cases this year, and share four peer review cases translated into Spanish.

Correction to December Digest (Vol 8 Iss.12)

In the December Digest Letter, we stated that “In May, arXiv, medRxiv, bioRxiv, and other preprint platforms adjusted their policies to not accept computational models so that the chances of misinformation or unhelpful information being posted would be reduced”.

The corrected text reads as follows: “In May, medRxiv and bioRxiv adjusted their policies to no longer accept manuscripts that make therapeutic predictions for COVID-19 solely on the basis of computational models. arXiv and ChemRxiv have enhanced their initial screening procedures for COVID-19-related papers to guard against poor-quality work."

We apologise for the incorrect statement in the original text.

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