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  1. A case of plagiarism

  2. Author dispute over need for retraction

  3. Accusation of theft of a model

  4. Duplicate publication

  5. Plagiarism

  6. Sanitising a misleading statement

  7. Reviewer/author conflict of interest

  8. Russian scientific misconduct

  9. Dispute over plagiarism

  10. Plagiarism in a review article

  11. Possible malpractice revealed in a case report

  12. Dispute between authors and a reviewer

  13. Multiple submissions of a paper

  14. Attempts to draw attention to potential duplicate publication

  15. Wholesale plagiarism

  16. Duplicate publication in a foreign language

  17. The disgraced author

  18. Going public on potential fraud

  19. An attempt to bribe an editor

  20. Dual publication

  21. Allegation of reviewer malpractice

  22. Duplicate publication

  23. Redundant publication

  24. Authorship without the author’s knowledge

  25. A paper which discloses confidential material