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  1. Possible serial misconduct in relation to coauthors and other activities

  2. Paper published that is a verbatim copy of another published one by another author

  3. Unethical withdrawal of a paper

  4. Availability of reagents

  5. Author did not see reviews or revisions to the manuscript and did not give approval for publication

  6. Simultaneous publication

  7. How many “mistakes” are too many?

  8. Incorrect allegations from the head of an institute?

  9. Allegation of fraud and insider trading

  10. Retraction of article from 1994

  11. A breach of confidentiality?

  12. Multiple failure to declare a relevant conflict of interest

  13. Possible case of fraud

  14. Inadvertent discovery of salami submission

  15. Author trap/fabrication detection

  16. Non-compliance of author with request for information

  17. Plagiarism case

  18. An attempt to publish data already published elsewhere

  19. Suspected financial fraud

  20. Editorial misconduct

  21. Duplicate submission

  22. Possible duplicate publication

  23. Possible breach of confidentiality by a reviewer

  24. Repetitive duplicate submission to multiple journals and redundant publication

  25. Request for a retraction of a retraction