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  1. Possible overlapping publications/data

  2. Duplicate publication in possibly four papers

  3. Retraction or correction?

  4. Case of figure duplication and manipulation involving two journals

  5. Duplicate publication and alleged image manipulation

  6. Mislabelling/duplicate images

  7. WAME case

  8. Data fabrication, lack of ethical approval, withdrawal of paper and publication in another journal

  9. Duplicated gel images

  10. Nuisance author

  11. Breach of peer review confidentiality

  12. Falsified references

  13. Lack of acknowledgement of contributor

  14. Plagiarism of published paper

  15. Suspicion of breach of proper peer reviewer behaviour

  16. Supervisor publishes PhD students work

  17. Parallels between unpublished manuscript and a published article from other authors

  18. Author dispute over data presented in paper

  19. Plagiarism, double submission and reviewer ethicality

  20. Deception in submitting manuscript for publication

  21. Is it a breach of confidentiality to send letters to the editor to criticised authors for comment?

  22. Duplicate submission

  23. Reviewer misconduct?

  24. The ethics of using privileged information

  25. Suspected contact between reviewer and an author led to coauthorship of the reviewer