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  1. Author impersonating corresponding author without knowledge of coauthors

  2. Handling self-admissions of fraud

  3. Duplicate publication and removal of article

  4. Suspected image manipulation involving four journals

  5. Reviewer requests to be added as an author after publication

  6. Institution alleges that paper includes fabricated data

  7. Author disagreement blocks submission

  8. A case with no independent institution to investigate

  9. Possible breach of reviewer confidentiality

  10. Online posting of confidential draft by peer reviewer

  11. A case of salami slicing

  12. Ethical concerns and the validity of documentation supplied by the authors

  13. Confidentiality breach by an associate editor

  14. Retraction of the first article in the case of duplicate publication

  15. Reprimanded author plagiarizes again

  16. Compromised peer review (unpublished)

  17. Compromised peer review system in published papers

  18. More than a breach of confidentiality?

  19. Alleged misuse of confidential information

  20. Submissions from institutions where misconduct has previously been suspected

  21. Reviewer asks trainee to review manuscript

  22. Request to withdraw as an author of an accepted but unpublished paper

  23. Author creates bogus email accounts for proposed reviewers

  24. Lack of ethical approval and not reporting experimental evidence

  25. Inappropriate authorship on students paper