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  1. Inconclusive institutional investigation into authorship dispute

  2. Dispute between two authors

  3. Stolen article

  4. Authorship issues from disbanded consortium

  5. Withdrawal request by an author

  6. Authorship dispute unsatisfactorily resolved by institution

  7. Withdrawing from authorship

  8. Would the loss of a clinical licence in one country impact on the ability to do clinical work in another?

  9. Authorship dispute regarding author order

  10. Publication of post-doctoral work

  11. Institutional investigation of authorship dispute

  12. Authorship dispute and possible unreported protocol amendment

  13. The role of the lead author

  14. Disclosure and transparency issue

  15. Inability to contact an author to obtain permission to publish

  16. Requesting authorship after publication

  17. Author impersonating corresponding author without knowledge of coauthors

  18. Handling self-admissions of fraud

  19. Author disagreement regarding article corrections

  20. Authorship dispute

  21. Plagiarized figure

  22. Author disagreement blocks submission

  23. Authors’ contributions and involvement by medical communications company

  24. A case with no independent institution to investigate

  25. Coauthor fails to respond to request to confirm coauthorship