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  1. A member of an author group listed on a paper denies authorship

  2. Accusation of theft of a model

  3. Advice regarding a weird type of content and its authorship

  4. Allegation of reviewer malpractice

  5. Alleged unauthorized use of data and possible dual publication

  6. An author thinks that a journal’s decision not to publish is ethically incorrect

  7. Arm twisting an editor

  8. Attempt to supress legitimate scientific results

  9. Author did not see reviews or revisions to the manuscript and did not give approval for publication

  10. Author disagreement regarding article corrections

  11. Author non-disclosure by editor in chief

  12. Author of rejected letter blames global bias against his message and undisclosed conflicts of interest

  13. Author of rejected paper publicly names and criticises peer reviewer

  14. Author requests for certain experts not to be included in the editorial process

  15. Authors bearing gifts …

  16. Authorship dispute

  17. Authorship dispute

  18. Author’s name removed from submitted article

  19. Competing interest

  20. Competing interest issue

  21. Competing interests question

  22. Concern about reporting of a trial and also its DSMB

  23. Confidentiality and conflict of interest

  24. Confidentiality breach by an associate editor

  25. Conflict of interest