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  1. A breach of confidentiality?

  2. A case of plagiarism

  3. A case of salami slicing

  4. A case with no independent institution to investigate

  5. A paper which discloses confidential material

  6. A pre-submission inquiry with a bribe

  7. Accusation of theft of a model

  8. Allegation of fraud and insider trading

  9. Allegation of reviewer malpractice

  10. Alleged misuse of confidential information

  11. An attempt to bribe an editor

  12. An attempt to publish data already published elsewhere

  13. Attempted dual publication

  14. Attempts to draw attention to potential duplicate publication

  15. Author accused of stealing research and publishing under their name

  16. Author creates bogus email accounts for proposed reviewers

  17. Author did not see reviews or revisions to the manuscript and did not give approval for publication

  18. Author disagreement blocks submission

  19. Author dispute over data presented in paper

  20. Author dispute over need for retraction

  21. Author impersonating corresponding author without knowledge of coauthors

  22. Author trap/fabrication detection

  23. Authorship dispute

  24. Authorship dispute and possible unreported protocol amendment

  25. Authorship dispute unsatisfactorily resolved by institution