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  1. Dispute arising from peer review of a rejected comment and published correction

  2. Possible plagiarism

  3. Increased number of casual submissions

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  4. Retrospective registration, outcome switching and ethical approval

  5. Editor and reviewers requiring authors to cite their own work

  6. Unethical withdrawal after acceptance to maximize the 'impact factor'?

  7. Stolen article

  8. Pre-publication in a discussion paper series

  9. Editor manipulation of impact factor

  10. Satire in scholarly publishing

  11. Request by organisation to retract article and publish expression of concern

  12. Author of rejected paper publicly names and criticises peer reviewer

  13. Attempt to supress legitimate scientific results

  14. Image manipulation as a general practice

  15. Editor as author of a paper

  16. Ethical concerns and the validity of documentation supplied by the authors

  17. Paper submitted for publication without consent or knowledge of co-authors

  18. Plagiarism in a book title

  19. Extensive publication errors. Should we 're-publish'?

  20. Anonymity versus author transparency

  21. Compromised peer review (unpublished)

  22. Compromised peer review system in published papers

  23. How to correct an incorrect decision to publish a flawed paper

  24. Author creates bogus email accounts for proposed reviewers

  25. Retraction or correction?