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  1. Scientific misconduct claim from a whistleblower where the institution will not investigate

  2. Potential figure manipulation with corresponding author uncontactable

  3. Data manipulation and institute’s internal review

  4. Author accused of stealing research and publishing under their name

  5. Data anonymity

  6. Handling self-admissions of fraud

  7. Suspected image manipulation involving four journals

  8. Institution alleges that paper includes fabricated data

  9. Possible omission of information essential for conclusions in a research paper

  10. Fraud or sloppiness in a submitted manuscript

  11. Image manipulation as a general practice

  12. Potential fabrication of data in primary studies included in a meta-analysis accepted for publication

  13. Misattributed authorship and unauthorized use of data

  14. Authorship dispute

  15. Unusually frequent submission of articles by a single author

  16. New claim to authorship of published paper

  17. Findings of a published trial called into question by a subsequent audit of trial conduct

  18. Paper submitted for publication without consent or knowledge of co-authors

  19. Concerns about the reliability of findings following re-analysis of a dataset from a published article

  20. Fraudulent data presented in a manuscript

  21. Publication of data without permission

  22. Duplication of data

  23. Authorship dispute

  24. Meta-analysis: submission of unreliable findings

  25. Alleged misuse of confidential information