Publication Ethics in the News - week ending Oct 8

An editorial in JAMA announced that beginning November 1 2010 they will request all authors who submit manuscripts to complete and submit the ICMJE disclosure form on competing interests. This new competing interests form has been developed by the ICMJE and was announced earlier this year. It’s not yet clear how widespread its adoption will be – especially given the need for a new version of Adobe Acrobat that many users do not yet have.

The New York Times covered the ongoing story of fraud in China, a particular problem for credibility in academia, which China is spending much time and money investing in.

Retraction Watch has highlighted a retraction in The Journal of Clinical Rheumatology after a reader noted similarities with an article she had published herself. Further, as the retraction notice apparently states (I can’t get access to the retraction as I am not a subscriber), the authors could provide “no formal documentation that the work described was actually done” NB COPE has developed guidelines on retraction which are freely available to editors.

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