No director in sight for the ORI?

A recent item on the site of the Report on Research Compliance (run by the National Council of University Research Administrators)  discussed the longstanding vacancy at the head of the Office for Research Integrity in the USA. There has been no director in post for over  a year now and the timeframe for appointing a new director seems unclear.   This would seem  to be a particularly unfortunate vacancy at a time when misconduct and its costs (see previous blog) are increasingly recognised. As Art Caplan (Director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania) quoted in the report said: "This sends the wrong message at a time when concerns over research integrity are paramount in the minds of funders, researchers, and subjects. "


  • Posted by Hilary, 20/7/2012 3.55pm

I fully agree that publicity on rioractetns is needed (see second comment), but I disagree that retracted papers should not be read anymore (see first comment). Such papers may still be based on interesting scientific thought and provided the authors of the retracted papers get a chance to make clear why the paper was retracted these papers are still helpful in pointing out new directions. Only by insight in, and not by ignorance of, retracted paper, cab the scientific process be promoted.