New guidelines for reporting of animal studies - the ARRIVE guidelines

PLoS Biology has just published a paper and an editorial on an initiative to improve the reporting of studies that report research that involves animals - the ARRIVE guidelines. 

There are now many guidelines on reporting of human research but ones on animals are relatively rare. The authors of the paper includes Doug Altman, who has been involved with many guidelines including CONSORT, QUOROM etc and Carol Kilkenny from the The National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research.

These new guidelines are to be welocmed - as Kilkenny et al say "Failure to describe research methods and to report results appropriately ... has potential scientific, ethical, and economic implications for the entire research process and the reputation of those involved in it. This is particularly true for animal research, one of the most controversial areas of science." The guidelines are simultaneously published in five other journals.