New Conflict of Interest Policy from WAME

The World Association of Medical Editors has posted a new policy on Conflict of Interest in Peer-Reviewed Medical Journals

This Policy Statement replaces the WAME Editorial Policy “Journals' Role in Managing Conflict of Interest Related to the Funding of Research" and the WAME Publication Ethics Policy "Conflicts of Interest." It is worth all editors taking a look at  not just medical ones.  As they say: "Every peer-reviewed medical journal should have its own COI policies for authors, reviewers, and editors.  Journals should make these policies readily accessible to everyone involved in the publication process by publishing them with instructions for authors." - though of course this should apply much more widely to all journals.

Get the byline - contains details about author and modification date.


A lot of the issues will be very familiar to COPE members but they touch on one issue that not many journals think about  - Insider trading, which as the statement says "is the use for one’s financial gain of information obtained through participation in research, review or editing before it is available to the general public, is a special kind of financial COI that has both legal and ethical implications."

NB I should note that I saw and commented on an earlier version of this policy