Concern about UK libel laws

A doctor is being sued for libel because of comments he wrote in a newspaper about the British Chiropractic Association (in particular their alleged promotion of the use of chiropractic for asthma).  Since the case may have far-reaching consequences for journals and publishers, you might like to look at the campaign website which calls for a reform to the British libel laws to ensure they are not used to suppress scientific debate.


  • Posted by Varun, 20/7/2012 2.02pm

I am in agreement with the pritacce of not only identifying retracted papers with high visibility (e.g., electronic alerts via PubMed and the original journal, as well as other publically accessible vehicles, such as The Scientist and the lay press), but also with explicitly stating why the work was retracted. There is a pressing need to preserve and protect the accuracy of the scientific record: the cost to science, and potentially to human lives, when false, fabricated, or inaccurate data arise and persist in the literature could be enormous.