Call for comments on UK Research Integrity Office's Code of Practice for Research: Promoting good practice

The UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) has made a call for comments on its “Code of Practice for Research: Promoting good practice and prevent misconduct”. UKRIO) is an independent body which offers advice and guidance to universities and other research organisations, and also to individual researchers, about the conduct of research.

According to the Office’s website the The code of practice for research is “a reference tool for research organisations to use when revising their codes of practice for research. It complements existing and forthcoming guidance on research conduct, such as that provided by Research Councils UK, the Wellcome Trust and the Council for Science and Technology.” There are links to the cover letter for the consultation and the public consultation document. Comments are requested by 31st May.


  • Posted by Elizabeth Wager, 2/6/2009 8.27am

COPE has submitted comments on this document focusing on the sections relating to publication ethics. We will also be discussing a report on UKRIO from Harvey Marcovitch at the June 2nd Council meeting.