Boycott urged of scientific conference chaired by academic found guilty of plagiarism

A recent news report in the BMJ highlights an initiative asking doctors to boycott an international medical conference because of the proposed chair. The conference, of the International Academy of Perinatal Medicine, will take place in Croatia in October, chaired by Asim Kurjak of Zagreb University Medical School, who, as the BMJ news report notes, “was found guilty of scientific misconduct by the Croatian government’s Committee for Ethics in Science and Higher Education in May 2007. The committee found him guilty of "violations of the [committee’s] ethics code and of common norms in biomedical publishing." Some of the long history of the misconduct - plagiarism - by Kurjak is detailed in the BMJ news report. Further details can be found in the original article published in the BMJ in 2006 by Iain Chalmers, editor of the James Lind Library (BMJ 2006;333:594-7, doi:10.1136/bmj.38968.611296.F7)