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Suzanne Farley

Council Title: 
Elected Trustee

London, UK

Elected Trustee

Term of office as a Trustee

Currently on leave from COPE until 1 April 2022.

July 2020 - July 2023 First term

Suzanne Farley is Research Integrity Director at Springer Nature. She leads the 10-person Springer Nature Research Integrity Group (SNRIG). SNRIG works to raise awareness of best practice and ethical conduct in research, investigates unethical practices, provides training and investigation resources, acts as an advisory service for staff and editors, and audits Springer Nature’s own editorial practices and policies. SNRIG serves the entire Springer Nature portfolio, encompassing almost 3,000 journals, a large books program, as well as databases and magazines, spanning all scholarly specialties. 

Prior to joining SNRIG, Suzanne was Executive Editor of the large open-access multidisciplinary journal Scientific Reports and Managing Editor of the Nature Reviews journals. Suzanne started her career at CSIRO Publishing in Melbourne, after completing a degree in environmental science and PhD in plant physiology and molecular biology at the University of Newcastle, Australia. 

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