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J. Patrick Barron

Council Title: 
Co-opted Council Member

Term of office as a Co-opted Council member

2016-2019 First Term

Born in Scotland, J. Patrick Barron graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and went to study Japanese in Japan in 1969. His graduate studies consisted of the history of ancient Japanese and the history of Kyogen, medieval Japanese comic drama.

He began his career in medical writing in 1970 under the aegis of Dr. Yoshihiro Hayata of Tokyo Medical University (TMU), past president of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, Japan Respiratory Society and the Japan Surgical Society. Patrick pioneered the field of English for medical purposes in Japan, and is or has been on the editorial board of many journals, including CHEST, Respirology, and edits the abstracts of the JRS journal. He has translated from Japanese or edited about 15 medical textbooks, two of which have won awards. He is editorial consultant to the Journal of Gastroenterology

In 1991, he established the first medical communications center in Asia devoted to improving the flow of medical information from Japan to the international medical community, at TMU, providing support to staff submitting and resubmitting papers. In 2009 the center became the first academic department of its kind in Japan, with Patrick as Professor and Chairman. As Vice Chairman of the Japan Society for Medical English Education, he provided the initial impetus for the first national medical testing of English competence for medical professionals in Japan, which began in 2007. He also helped found the first English and Japanese bilingual free medical communications website He has been Adjunct Professor of Seoul National University since 2010. In 2014 he was awarded the Howard Swanberg Medal for contributions to medical communications.