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Daoxin Yin

Council Title: 
Elected Council Member

Dr. Daoxin Yin is China editor of The BMJ. She is responsible for building relationships with leading research institutions, hospitals, health organizations, and other partners to help the BMJ cover important topics/papers about and from China and promote BMJ values and influence in China. She routinely works as a research editor, identifying and recruiting research papers from high profile research teams and authors, handling and managing peer review, and participating in decision-making. She also works closely with non-research section editors to appraise and comment on papers about China. She commissions and manages BMJ China collections and writes editorials and blogs for the BMJ.

She frequently speaks within and outside China on how to get papers published and BMJ publishing values and preferences. Dr. Yin studied medicine at Fudan University Shanghai Medical College and Peking University Health Science Center. She received clinical training and practiced as an internist and then a nephrologist. She got her master's degree in public health from Washington University in St. Louis and then did an internship at WHO working on projects for non-communicable disease management.