Questionable authorship practice

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  1. Possible serial misconduct in relation to coauthors and other activities

  2. Suspected contact between reviewer and an author led to coauthorship of the reviewer

  3. Concern about reporting of a trial and also its DSMB

  4. Claim from an author that his name should not have been included as author on a paper

  5. Coauthor fails to respond to request to confirm coauthorship

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  6. Authorship dispute

  7. What constitutes authorship? New COPE discussion document

    Natalie Ridgeway - 17th Dec 2014

    A new discussion document looking at some of the issues around authorship has  been published by COPE.  ' What constitutes authorship ' examines  existing guidelines on authorship, puts together  some basic principles to help prevent common prob ...

  8. Ethical concerns and the validity of documentation supplied by the authors

  9. Can a scientific paper be published anonymously?

  10. An author plagiarising the work of the reviewer?