Publisher membership application form

Only publishers who publish 5 or more journals should apply for publisher membership. For 4 journals or less, please complete individual journal application forms.


How applications are assessed:

  • We use the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing ( to evaluate publishers and their journal portfolios.
  • COPE will use the information supplied on the application form for membership (and supporting documentation) and the publisher/journal website(s) to assess an application, as well as other information, if deemed relevant.
  • COPE may look at reports of practices not in accordance with COPE's Code of Conduct or with general principles of publishing ethics. COPE may consider any of the following issues:
  • —Concerns about marketing activities/approach.
  • —Previous concerns raised in relation to publication ethics
  • —Many journals launched in a short period and with generic/similar titles and/or following the same format
  • —References to impact that suggests dubious measures are being presented as impact factors
  • —Journals with overlapping editorial boards or the same editor in chief.


  • For full details on the Code of Conduct for Journal Editors and Publishers, please see the section on our website about membership eligibility:
  • All correspondence to members is sent via email unless otherwise requested
  • COPE reserves the right to withdraw membership if incorrect information is given in this form
  • COPE may ask for additional information in relation to your application
(Dr, Prof)
This will be the COPE member representative and has responsibility for ethical issues in your organisation.
(Dr, Prof)
Code of Conduct
Please give details.
Publisher details
Please give brief details of your structure/model for journals, eg, open access journal or by subscription
Please give brief details of the peer-review process.
Do your journals accept advertising?
Please provide a website link to information on what types of advert will be considered, who makes decisions regarding accepting adverts, and whether they are linked to content or reader behaviour (online only) or are displayed at random
Please provide a website link to the publisher’s policies on handling potential conflicts of interest of editors, authors, and reviewers. Please also provide a link to the publisher’s process for handling submissions from editors, employees, or members of the editorial board to ensure unbiased review. If you do not have a link to this information, please explain your policy and tell us why it is not on the publisher website
Please provide a website link to the publisher’s policies for the identification of/dealing with allegations of research misconduct.
Do you have a plan for electronic backup and preservation of access to the content of your journals (for example, access to main articles via CLOCKSS or PubMedCentral) in the event that your journals are no longer published?
Publishing staff details

Please provide details of 2 other publishing staff (names, email, postal address and telephone  – we may contact these members of staff regarding the information you have supplied)

Staff member 1
(Dr, Prof)
Staff member 2
(Dr, Prof)
Please provide details of 2 Editors-in-Chief from any of your journals (names, email, postal address and telephone – we may contact these editors regarding the information you have supplied)
Staff member 1
Staff member 2

In addition to completing this form, please download and complete the Excel sheet below with the details of all of your journals. Please send the completed form to the COPE membership administrator. If you have any difficulties completing the Excel sheet, please contact the COPE membership administrator.

Download Excel sheet