June 2011

Opinion / US court ruling on access to drug safety data

The New England Journal of Medicine (29 June) discusses the implications of a recent US court ruling requiring a drug company to make safety data available to shareholders. Although the ruling doesn't relate directly to journals it's interesting in the light of current debates about publishing raw data from clinical trials.See here.


Opinion / Editors criticised for not checking authors' conflicts of interest

An article in Reuters Health criticises journal editors for not checking authors' conflicts of interests and claims several dermatology papers do not provide adequate disclosure. The journal (and other editors) explain that they believe this is the authors' responsibility. NOTE: this item is included on the COPE website NOT because we believe the journal in question behaved improperly but because we thought editors should be aware of public perceptions about conflicts of interest.

Opinion / Head of German research centre resigns because of plagiarism

According to Laborjournal, the Managing Director of Research Center Borstel has resigned after he was found to have committed plagiarism.

Details and links to the German sources are available at Retraction Watch